As homes are being built tighter and tighter for energy efficiency, indoor air quality is becoming more and more of an issue. Levels of pollutants such as carbon dioxide are rising. Air is becoming stagnant, which can lead to the spread of illness, allergies and headaches. Proper ventilation, bringing fresh air into a home, is becoming critical for both the health of the inhabitants and the structure itself.

At Pacific Air Comfort, our design staff has the knowledge and understanding of the intricacies and importance of proper ventilation. We will design a ventilation system that keeps the ducting to a minimum yet is still  efficient and provides healthy interior air .  A properly designed ventilation system will not only bring fresh air into your home but can also help reduce overall heating and cooling costs. Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRV) are an important part of the design of an efficient ventilation system. An HRV removes the heat from air being expelled from your home then adds that heat to fresh air coming into your home during the winter months so that your heating system is not having to run as frequently.

Example of an HRV installed for a Client in the Roseburg area.

One area of ventilation that is often overlooked is attic ventilation. Venting in soffits, gable ends and at roof ridges is often inadequate and attic temperatures soar helping to drive up cooling costs. Pacific Air Comfort is now an authorized dealer for Attic Breeze Solar Powered Ventilation. Attic Breeze is made in the U.S.A., available in a variety of sizes to meet all applications and in a variety of colors in all metal construction. Currently there are Federal Tax Credits available for the Attic Breeze Solar Powered Ventilation. For more information please go to .

Recent installation of a Attic Breeze Solar Vent in Roseburg.

 If you are concerned about the ventilation in an existing home or want to ensure your new home will be properly and efficiently ventilated, please contact us at one of our three offices.