For nearly the same price as a premium upright or canister vacuum, you can have all the conveniences and advantages of a VACUFLO system in your home! In addition, a VACUFLO system adds to the resale value of your home.

A VACUFLO central vacuum system is a healthier way of life: No bags or filters means no dust or vacuum odors. Just plug the hose into the nearest inlet and you are on your way to a cleaner home. Dirt is carried through a network of tubing and deposited into the transparent, removable dirt canister. It’s easy to see when it needs to be emptied. Fine dust particles and exhaust odors are vented directly outdoors. The powerhead is turbine-driven, meaning the powerful airflow is harnessed to provide deep cleaning. The powerhead requires no electricity or power cords.

Benefits of a VACUFLO central vacuum:

  • No bags or filters to purchase/replace
  • Powerful motor delivers reliable, lasting performance
  • Increased resale value
  • Better interior air quality
  • Easy to maintain

If you are interested in getting a free estimate to install a VACUFLO central vacuum in your home, please contact us at one of our three offices.