If you, or your client, are not maintaining your heating/cooling system the manufacturer’s warranty may be voided. Heating and cooling technology has changed dramatically over the past twenty years becoming much more sophisticated and high tech and so the importance of regular maintenance by qualified Service Technicians has increased as well. Much like your automobile, the heating and cooling systems of today need regular servicing. That is why Pacific Air Comfort offers Commercial Maintenance Agreements (CMAs). Because of the variability in commercial systems, we customize your CMA to meet your needs. With a CMA, we will automatically service your heating and cooling equipment on a planned schedule. With our program there is no need to keep track of and worry about when you or your client’s equipment needs to be serviced.When shopping for a CMA, make sure you are comparing apples to apples. A CMA from Pacific Air Comfort means more than just changing your filter. Our Service Technician will clean both indoor and outdoor systems and inspect them for any potential future problems, helping to avoid costly future repairs.
We feel confident in saying that few other HVAC companies have the qualifications and training that both our installation crews and Service Technicians have. As equipment becomes more high tech and energy efficiency is becoming more of an issue, proper training and certifications is becoming more critical. For a complete list of our certifications please go to the About Us section of our website.
Additional benefits include:
  • Priority Scheduling
  • 15% off Repairs (Parts and Labor)
  • No extra Holiday or Overtime charges
  • Filters changed
  • 10% off additional filters
  • Peace of mind for you and your client

Protect your investment and comfort today with a Commercial Maintenance Agreement. For more information, please contact us at one of our three offices.