(Pictures and story by the Springfield Office Employees, better known as Claws’ Loyal Subjects)

Kitty Claws Story and Daily Routine:

Early one cold December morning this adorable little kitty comes walking into our shop, curious of everything, followed our install guys into our office. There he has been every since King of the Springfield Shop…. Or so he thinks. Don’t let his looks deceive you he’s named Claws for more than one reason. We found the name Claws to fit him, not only because we got him around Christmas but because he has a tendency to be very ornery!  Before the office ladies (Becki and Lindsie) arrive to his Kingdom to cater to his every need, all install/service/sales personnel are on alert for attack kitty. Sometimes when they ignore his cries for food, he lurks in the shadows and pounces on the unsuspecting victim’s shins/calves (pictures shown) and other times he’ll act all lovey towards you until you walk away, then he goes into attack kitty mode.  When our office gals arrive he acts like a perfect little angel, except when he runs to the bathroom for food and tries to trip them up.  Once his Highness has had his fill of food he’s in a better temperament and wants to be “Cute Kitty” for a while. Just like any Kitty King he wants to be loved and decides the best place to do that is right on top of Becki and Lindsie’s paperwork. Of course he’s just too cute to resist giving attention to, so he decides to take a nap either in between their arms or with his heads leaning on their wrists making it hard to get work done sometimes. After his fill of affection he then resides in his royal Highness’s bed chambers, where he’s frequently found throughout the day exercising his right to take advantage of the term “Cat Nat.” 

His Highness has frequent visitors; his favorite is David our Oregon Linen driver which he follows around the office the whole time he’s here. His other subjects are Tom from MW Coffee and Tommy the Airefco driver along with family members of employees with Pacific Air Comfort. These lucky subjects get to enjoy the “cute” side of his Highness. There’s one subject in particular that will awaken him from his deep slumber… The arch enemy known as Kevin. Kevin has a way of getting under his Highness’s fur like no other subject does.  Depending on his Highness’s mood he’ll go straight into attack mood but one thing is for sure this subject does not back down like others. After a while of fierce battle (friendly playing) his Highness runs to his bed chambers and pretends he can’t be seen thus causing everyone to laugh hysterically. He’ll do one of two things after fierce battle; he’ll either tweak out and run to the bathroom for food or lie in his bed and start another cat nap. 

His Highness’s likes and dislikes:

  • ·         He likes boxes that are too small for him, which he attempts to fit in for safety when he’s battling with his arch enemy. 
  • ·         He extremely dislikes it when the blanket on his bed is messed up and procedes to pity-pawing it until it’s perfect again.
  • ·         He loves to be under the blanket when he’s playing and then spazzes out, because he’s all hyper, and runs around the office like a mad kitty.
  • ·         He hates being picked up by his arch enemy and tells us all about it.
  • ·         He loves begging on Becki and Lindsie’s desk for food during lunch (as if he needs any).  Sometimes they give in but not mostly.
  • ·         He DOES NOT like going on walks with his harness and leash with his arch nemesis.
  • ·         He LOVES the red laser dot and goes completely psycho when his loyal subjects bring it out to give him exercise.
  • ·         He hates his baths but loves his grooming with the brush and tolerates his claws being trimmed (sometimes not an easy task but has gotten a lot easier).
  • ·         His Highness extremely hates dogs and becomes skittish after one has been at the office, every door that opens he runs.
  • ·         He will look away or sit with his back towards you when he is in disgust with his subjects when they are speaking of him.

All of these his Highness does on a daily basis.  At 4pm, everyday like clock work, you can find his Highness in front of Becki’s desk intensely staring at her then the clock behind her to let her know that it’s time for his nightly royal feeding.  After he has his fill, he enjoys a nice lovey time before his subjects leave for the day, all the while looking forward to their return the next day.  There are no words strong enough to express the joy that the Highness has brought to our lives even though we all don’t claim him at this point in time. 

If you are in the Springfield area, stop on by our shop on Main St. and say Hi! to Claws.