Claws showing off his business card.

Claws showing off his business card.

Earlier this year we had a Client purchase their new HVAC system from us because of Claws, our Lynx Siamese. Claws lives at our Springfield shop, rules the roost and has developed quite a fan base. The Client made it very clear to the salesman that Claws was the reason they chose Pacific Air and followed that up by commenting on their Customer Response Sheet, again, that Claws was the reason. Kevin, the salesman, got a good bit of ribbing and the whole thing generated a lot of funny conversations. Someone commented that Claws was going to want the $50 referral fee for selling the system. Someone else commented that Claws needed a business card. Suddenly we went from joking to the realization we could really help out Greenhill Humane Society. Claws doesn’t need a $50 referral fee but what if every time someone purchased a system from us because of Claws, we donated the referral fee to Greenhill? So, we recently had 1000 business cards made for ¬†Claws and will be handing them out. As you can see on the back of the card we talk about the donation to Greenhill. The Client that purchased their system because of Claws requested a stack of the cards to hand out to friends and associates. We are anxious to see how much money we can raise for Greenhill. Stop by our Springfield office to say Hi! to Claws and grab a few of his cards to hand out and spread the word.





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