After every installation of a new HVAC system, we ask our Clients to fill out a survey rating us in seven categories. We also have a space for any additional feedback. This form is available to be mailed in, in a self addressed stamped envelope we provide, or you can now go to our website to fill the form out. We also encourage people to rate us on Angie’s List. Feedback is important to us as we continually strive to improve and provide you, our Clients, the best service possible. The following is some of what we have heard back from Clients:

Mr. P. Murray of Roseburg rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and said “Best and most reliable HVAC vendor I have worked with. Pretty happy this first year we have been using Pac Air.” (9/30/2013)

From D. and B. Bond of Tenmile we received a rating of “Excellent” in all seven categories and they added the following note: “Great service as it has always been since 2003 when the new addition was added.” (9/30/2013)

D. Lyda of Roseburg recently had a ductless system added to their home. They rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and said “Everything done to our expectations or better. Excellent job!” (9/27/13)

We recently did an installation at the Lamplighter Motel in Bandon. They rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and  said “Good job!”. (9/27/13)

D. and D. Brewer of Roseburg had a new system put in their rental. They rated us “Excellent” in all applicable categories and said ” Very happy with this entire transaction. Thank you Don [Sales], Glenna [front office], Paul [Service] and Installers.” (9/24/2013)

D. and K. Strain of Coos Bay had us perform installations at two locations, filled out a response for each and said the following: “Thank you for your patience with me on this project. Remote control might take time to learn for me but probably not my 17 year old.” and on the second form said we did an “Excellent” job explaining everything and noted “Even my mom understands”. As HVAC technology evolves, gets more complex and now includes remote controls we know what a challenge it can be to understand. Our staff strives to make sure our Clients understand how to use the remotes and thermostats and if there is ever any concerns or clarifications needed, never hesitate to call us. (9/24/2013)

P. and C. Haines of Roseburg rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and said “Well done guys! Thank you!!”  The Haines’ also took the time to rate us on Angie’s List and said the following: “Contractor arrived on time, installed all equipment and was ready for the electrician to hook it up and was done in about 5 hours (2 men).” Would they use us again? “Yes”. (9/24/2013)

W. and  K. King of Roseburg are happy with our staff and services. They rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and said “Brad [Service] inspected the flex duct. Kim [Sales] came and told us all about the steel alternative. Dave [Install] came right away and did the installation. Each man was highly professional. The result was a noticeable increase in air flow.” Thank you Mr. and Mrs. King! We are glad we were able to improve your system. (9/24/2013)

From P. Ryan of Eugene we had the following comment “My 2nd time. Always friendly folks and very helpful. Kevin was great at helping me decide what to do. The installers were smooth and knew their stuff. Great job (both times!).”(9/23/2013)

We just received a review via our website from J. Rose of Eugene. They had  the following to say about us “Kevin and the two technicians were very friendly. The removal of the old ducts and installation of the new ducts seemed to go smoothly.” (9/23/2013)

J. Hardin of Roseburg sent us their Customer Response in which they rated us “Excellent” in all categories and simply stated “Zero issues” in the comment portion. That’s what we like to hear! They also took the time to rate us on Angie’s List and commented “On time, zero problems.” When asked if they would use Pacific Air Comfort again they said “Yes”(9/17/2013)

We had a very nice email from the Loghry’s this morning. They had no cooling and we were able to get a tech out there and their system fixed the same day. In their email they said “THANK YOU! THANK YOU! you came and fixed our problem so quickly. THANKS AGAIN! THE LOGHRY’S.” Thank you Loghry’s! We strive to be as prompt as possible and are glad we were able to get your system up and running so quickly.(9/17/2013)

S. Fagerlie of Coquille rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and added the following note: “This is in regard to complete duct replacement under our home. We were very impressed by the competence and quality of work. Both men (James and Hank) were very courteous, friendly and professional. They cleaned up every scrap of material and James even crawled back under and took pictures for me.” Thank you S. Fagerlie and great job James and Hank!! We were also rated on Angie’s List by the Fagerlie’s where they said “The installers were on time, worked quickly, professionally, only took one break and finished installing. All cleanup  work complete in less than 4 hours.” Would they hire us again? “Yes”. (9/16/2013)

B. &. S. Walther of Roseburg rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories on the Customer Response they mailed back in and said “Very satisfied!” in the additional comments portion. (9/16/2013)

B. Flaxel of Coos Bay recently had us install a Daikin ductless system in his home. Today we received his Customer Response in the mail. He rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories. (9/16/2013)

T. Hood of Coquille gave us and “Overall A”  grade on Angie’s List regarding installation of their new system and stated “Great people and experience well noted. They were there on time, friendly and determined…” Would they hire us again? Yes.(9/4/13)

A. Rothera of Roseburg rated us on Angie’s List as well. They had new AC installed. They said the following: “Kim the salesman was on time and explained everything in a professional manner. I said “yes” and he helped me get all coordinated with the electric company.” Would they hire us again? Yes. (9/4/13)

P. Maccree of Roseburg recently needed to call on our Service Department when her system stopped working. She had the following to say in her report on Angie’s List: “On one of the hottest nights, of a very hot summer, I realized that we were not getting any cold air from the air conditioner vents. I checked the fuses to see if something had tripped, but all was fine there. I turned on and off the air conditioner controls to see if they had had a glitch, nut nothing worked there. I checked and found that the fan was not turning. Then in a panic (it was about 6:00 at night and about 90 degrees outside), I wondered who I could call.I remembered Angie’s List and went on line. I found several air conditioner repair services and chose the one with with largest number of reviews and an A rating.

I called and got an answering service. She was very nice and very professional. She said she would contact the person on call and that I should call her back in 15 minutes if I had not been contacted. In less than 10 minutes I got a call and the emergency repairman told me he knew what it was, to turn off fan controls, that he would be out in about 20 minutes. He arrived in less than 20 minutes, had the capacitor changed in another 10 – 15, and the sweet sounds and feel of cool air was again heard and felt in my home.

I was so satisfied and grateful. There would have been no sleep that night without the fix. I was thinking of checking into a hotel that night if it could not be fixed.

The service was quick, professional, and worked wonderfully.” (9/4/13)

Mr. Roberts of Bandon recently had us install a heat pump. He reported on Angie’s List that he would use us again and went on to say “On time, tidy job, good follow through.” (9/4/13)

S. and K. Prowell of Roseburg gave us 5 “Excellents” and 2 “Goods” on their Customer response and went on to say ” Jay was awesome and we were amazed that our unit was installed the day BEFORE the 4th of July – wow! Also, we had many questions after the installment and Jay was very patient with us – Thank you to EVERYONE INVOLVED 🙂 “



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