VFW Remembrance Wall

VFW Remembrance Wall

At Pacific Air Comfort, we have a special place in our hearts for Veteran’s. One of the things we do to show that is to sponsor the Day of Recognition that is being held again this year at the Roseburg Airport on September 11th. This year we are specifically inviting the local VFW Post 2468 along with Roseburg Police and Fire etc to join us. When one of our employees stopped by to visit the Commander and staff at the VFW they learned about the incredible memorial that the VFW is in the process of building at their location on Walnut St. Walnut St. is not a heavily traveled street and we are betting not too many people are aware of this very worthwhile project so we thought we would help get the word out. Here is some of what we found out by going to the VFW’s website www.vfwremembrancewall.com.

The Remembrance Wall at Post 2468 is one of the first QR code driven walls ever created. Small plaques typically found on memorial walls were not sufficient to allow show a Veteran’s history but now with the incorporation of the QR code, anyone with a smart phone or tablet can scan the code and read the Veteran’s bio. The plaques are laser etched for beautiful clarity and in addition to the QR code, feature the Veteran’s name, branch of service, campaign and the Veteran’s picture. Please see the pictures below.

In addition to the Veterans plaques, there is a large collage of etched plaques across the front of the memorial showing a variety of  scene’s from military life in the different branches and eras. It is easily seen from Walnut St. but well worth actually stopping to look at closely. There is a carved wood eagle and a cast representation of the bow of the Battleship Missouri which is the ship that Japan signed the surrender papers aboard when surrendering to the United States in WWII. The Remembrance Wall is a work in progress but there is still a lot to see.

If you have a Veteran you would like to commemorate and purchase a plaque for, or you simply want to donate to help a Veteran that deserves a plaque but financially is not able to do so or you want to be a sponsor, you can go to www.vfwremembrancewall.com and print out the necessary forms or stop by the VFW on Walnut St.



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