After every new installation we send out a Customer Response form along with a self addressed, stamped envelope to our Clients asking them to rate us in seven specific areas then have an area for additional comments. We get the majority back and are happy to say the vast majority are very positive.

C. Mello of Roseburg rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and added “Neat, professional, cleaned up their mess, friendly.” On Angie’s List they said “Called Pac Air, spoke with office, representative came within 2 days. Estimate given – agreed upon date of start – company called day before – workers showed – neat, professional, friendly – clean up, instructions given x3.” Would they use us again? “Yes”. Thank you Ms. Mello and great job Install!(9/4/13)

Mr. and Mrs.  Stevens of Dillard were pleased with our work rating us “Excellent” in all seven categories. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Stevens!(9/3/13)

Mr. and Mrs. Vizina of Roseburg rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and the had this to say “From Don [Sales] to Hank [Install] to Misty [Customer Service] – Great Service. Thank you.” Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Vizina! We appreciate the kind words and are happy that you are pleased with your new system. And great job Don, Hank and Misty!!(8/26/13)

Mrs. Skrip of Roseburg sent in a Customer Satisfaction Report for her Grandmother and rated us “Excellent” in all applicable categories. (8/30/13)

Mr. A. Agomaa of Cottage Grove rated us “Excellent” in all applicable categories and went on to say ” Very professional and very accommodating to my personal schedule!”

Another seven “Excellents”, this time from the Fowlers of Roseburg. They then commented “They [Install crew] even swept debris off the street!” Our Installers are the best, are very respectful of others property and clean up after themselves. They are true professionals. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Fowler and great job Install!!

The Patstons of Roseburg are pleased with us. They Rated us “Excellent” in all applicable categories and had this to say: “Misty Jellison, Customer Service Specialist, was very helpful and knowledgeable.” Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Patston and thank you Misty! Great job!!

Mr. Roberts of Bandon rated us (6) Excellent (1) Good and added a note: “Satisfied, good follow through.” (8/26/13)

From the Starks of Springfield we received seven “Excellents” with the additional comment: “Kevin [sales] was a real pleasure to work with. His two Installers were friendly and informative, everybody at your company did what they said they’d do and that’s refreshing! Thank you!” Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Stark for the high praise! (7/23/13)

The Buechlers of Junction City are happy with our work. They too rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories. (7/23/13)

Another “A” from Angie! S. and C. Mackey of Roseburg sent in an Angie’s List review. After giving us an A grade in every category, they went on to say the following: “Pacific Air Comfort always does a professional job from estimate to completion. This is the 2nd install on two different homes.”  The Mackeys also returned the Client response sheet that we gave them. They rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and  added “Awesome job as usual. Very pleased with the installation.” (7/19/13)

More Excellents, this time from D. and P. Helsley of Winston. They rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories then said “Work was completed on time and ahead of schedule. All workers were professional, courteous and respectful. We are repeat customers and would definitely use your company again.”(7/15/13)

The Pynch’s of Roseburg sent in their Client response sheet today and once again we received all “Excellents”. Great job guys and thank you Mr. and Mrs. Pynch!!(7/9/13)

Via our website, we received all “Excellents” with the added note “Kevin Usher [sales] is a great contact person.” This from D. White. They also said that we may use them as a reference. Thank you!! (7/8/13)

We received another Customer Response sheet and another 7 “Excellents”! This is from S. Scherer of Myrtle Creek. (7/8/13)

We recently did some work out at the Coquille Valley Hospital. We received their Customer Satisfaction Report today. They rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and said “Technician was friendly and professional. He was very efficient and got the job done quickly with no interruptions. Excellent job!”  The technician that did the work was James, one of our Installers based in Roseburg. Thank you James!! Great job!!(7/3/13)

We had a very nice note from B. Nunemaker of Sutherlin today. They said “All employees involved were exceptional, especially Chris [Service Tech]. He went out of his way to answer my questions and explain things. He just did an outstanding job. Kim [Sales] was very good as well.” Thank you Mr. Nunemaker, we will pass along your compliments to Chris and Kim.(6/25/13)

From J. Bishop of Winston. An “Overall A” on Angie’s List. They added “They showed up, did their work and didn’t bother me at all.” Would they hire us again? Yes.(6/24/13)

M. Dunlap of Coquille recently rated us on Angie’s List. They said “Removed old ducting under house…and replaced  [with] new ducting. They came and had a look explained problems and ordered new ducting. Removed old one day, replaced new next day.” Would they hire us again? Yes. (6/24/13)

We received a Customer Response back today from J. and M. Cagley of Coos Bay. They rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and in the additional comments portion stated “Both men were very friendly, did their job, picked up everything and did a very good job.” Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Cagley! We appreciate your business. (6/18/13)

Another Customer Response sheet back, this one from W. and S. Cox. They too rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and  went on to say “Everything was done very professionally.” (6/24/13)

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