Feedback from our Clients is very important to us. We like to know how we are are doing and what we can do to improve. Toward that, we make follow-up phone calls after service calls, we send out Customer Response sheets after installations of new systems and we ask people to post reviews on Angie’s List. Here are some of the latest responses we have had:

Another Customer response came to us today. This one from S. Atkinson of Springfield. We received all “Excellents” and the following note “Excellent experience. You were chosen because of Mr. Claws, but the overall professionalism, promptness, communication was wonderful.” You may be wondering who “Mr. Claws” is, well he is our cat, and the boss, at the Springfield shop. He has developed quite a following and Ms. Atkinson is one of his fans. To learn more about Claws, check out his web page. Go to “About Us” then scroll down to “Claws” to see his pictures and read his story. Little did we know he would be quite the salesman(cat)!

We received a very enthusiastic Customer Response from M. and M. Sparks of Eugene today that made us smile. We ask Clients to rate us on seven categories, the ratings ranging from poor to excellent. Typically people will make a single check mark or X under the appropriate rating. The Sparks went a step beyond that, when asked “Did we meet your expectations?” , they placed a single X under “Excellent” for “Provided quality workmanship?”, they gave us 2 X’s under “Excellent”, “Kept you adequately informed?” one X under “Excellent”, 3 X’s under “Excellent” for “Performed all tasks in a timely fashion?”, 1 X under “Excellent” for “Provided drop cloths and clean work area?” and 3 X’s under “Excellent” for both “Provided friendly, efficient service?” and “Explained how everything works?”. Then they added the following “Best crew we have had in our home and Kevin [salesman] is a KEEPER! P.S. They all are!” Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Sparks for your enthusiasm and recognition of our crew and Kevin. We will make sure and let them know your thoughts.

From V. Furrer of Bandon, we received “Excellent” in all seven categories on our Customer Response form.

We received an Angie’s List review from K. Pyke of Roseburg. They said “Pacific Air Comfort (Don Keeton [sales]) came out and assessed what we needed and set up delivery and installation. From the beginning they were prompt, polite, neat and informative. Great experience.”

Another Customer Response sheet came in the mail today. L. and D. Wilson of Oakland rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories then went on to say “Excellent company. Job completed in time quoted.” They also added a note next to the salesman’s (Don Keeton) name “Very knowledgeable”. The Wilsons also took the time to review us on Angie’s List. Here is what they had to say “Installed heat pump…to manufactured home (1996). All electric home. They secured all permits. Timely from first call to final inspection. Very personable, spent the time quoted and did fine clean up. I was impressed by this company and will tell my friends and neighbors.”

We received a Customer Response sheet this morning from J. Bishop of Winston. Mr. Bishop rated us “Excellent” in all applicable categories and then said “Have used for years! You guys are great!” 

D. Collins of Tenmile gave us an “Overall A” rating on Angie’s List. The Collins’ had a new air handler, filtration and ducting installed in their two story home. In the Member Comments portion they wrote the following: “Our house was built in 2006 with just an energy recovery ventilator, but no other central air handling. We had very inadequate ventilation and a terrible problem with dust and stale air. In the winter, all the heat would go to the upstairs loft, which was usually at least 10 degrees warmer than the downstairs spaces. Pac Air installed a complete air handler unit and ducting throughout the house, as well as a whole house filtration system to handle our dust problem. They were extremely flexible in finding places to run the ducts from the mechanical room upstairs through to the crawlspace without tearing up walls and floors. There was a small amount of drywall repair required and we lost some space in a bedroom closet, but it’s amazing that they were able to install the complete system with so little disruption. Jay…we worked with, even took into account future needs and made sure the system could be easily upgraded to handle air conditioning if we ever want it. The whole crew was friendly, professional and prompt. The work was done on time and on budget. We anticipate this system will handle our needs for years to come, and we’re astounded by how much better the house feels!”

T. and M. Thompson of Roseburg rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and said “Service response was quick and all time commitments were met or exceeded. Very professional and high quality.” and on Angie’s List they said “Called about problem with heat pump, a service tech was here in an hour, unit had to be replaced, worked to get us a good price plus met all dates and times equated.”

From T. and G. Hunt of Roseburg, we received seven “Excellents” on their Customer Response sheet.

We just received a Customer Response sheet back from B. Wetzel of Coos Bay. Ms. Wetzel rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories then added “Pleased with service and care toward non-damage of floor coverings and walls as equipment was removed and installed. Competent servicemen, cleaned up after selves.”

L. Cagley of Myrtle Point had a new heat pump installed. In his review of us he said “Were on time. Very neat, professional, informative, great job.” Would he hire us again? Yes.

M. Dag of Roseburg gave us an “Overall A” rating on Angie’s list and had the following to say about our employee who installed his new coil and performed other repair work “This man was fantastic! Showed me everything he was doing, very competent and clean!” Would he hire us again? Yes.

R. Wharton of Roseburg had his old furnace removed and a new one installed with AC. He said “All employees arrived on time and performed their tasks in an efficient manner.” Would he hire us again? Yes.

B. Smirl of Roseburg posted on Angie’s List a very detailed account of her experience with us. “2-22-2013 Replace furnace and heat pump. The two that came out were very thorough with installation and clean up and yes did come on time! 2-25-2013 Tech checked for maximum performance. The tech was quiet but spent a lot of time making sure everything was as it should be.”  Would she hire us again? Yes.

D. and N. Davenport of Sutherlin gave us an “Overall A”. They then went on say “Workers were on time, very efficient, knowledgeable, polite [we] could not be more pleased. A job well done.” Would they hire us again? Yes.

From J. and K. Pyke of Roseburg we received seven out of seven “Excellents” on their Customer Response sheet. They then went on to say “Thanks so much for the quick and attentive service.”

From L. and S. Cagley of Myrtle Point we received seven “Excellents” and simply stated “Great job”. Short and to the point! We like it!!

And again, seven more “Excellents”, this time from Mr. R. Wharton of Roseburg. Thank you Mr. Wharton!!


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