Happy Clients make us happy and we are serious about doing our best and improving where we can. We send out Customer Satisfaction forms after every job asking for feedback on how we did, we make phone calls after service calls to see how we did and we ask Clients to rate us on Angie’s List. For people that are Angie’s List members, they actually grade us. Non- Angie’s List members may not grade us but they can certainly leave reviews.

Two more reviews recently arrived by mail. The first is from R. and L. Epp of Roseburg. They rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories.

The second was from M. and J. Dage, also of Roseburg, who also rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and added the following note: “Very efficient, really knew what he [Don, our salesman] was doing.”

From M. and J. Tighe of Glide we received seven “Excellents” and the following comment: “Everyone we dealt with was very courteous and efficient.”

From D. and N. Davenport of Sutherlin rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and then had this to say about us, “We could not ask for anything better. Everyone [was] very knowledgeable, professional and polite with a job well done.”

From K. Dillin of Springfield who had a ductless system installed, an Angie’s List member, she gave us an Overall A grade. She then went on to say “Pacific Air Comfort installers were on time, very professional, finished on time and cleaned up very well. Explained heating system in detail.” When asked if she would hire us again she said yes.

From B. Cessnun of Veneta regarding servicing of her equipment and her three year service contract. She said “Excellent, on-time, efficient.” Would she hire us again? Yes.

From M. Leaptrott of Roseburg, regarding the installation of a new heating and air conditioning system she said “The installers arrived on time, were very professional and cleaned up after themselves. They were also very courteous.” Would she hire us again? Yes.

From G. Webb of North Bend, regarding replacing an old system, he said “Everyone did their job, we would hire them again. No one was too chatty.”

From K. Spaulding of Roseburg regarding installation of a heat pump, furnace and thermostat with outdoor sensor she said “I was very happy with the service, friendly, professional and information on how to use the new system.” Would she hire us again? Yes.

From M. Running of Albany regarding installation of new air conditioning she said “Great.” Would she hire us again? Yes.

From L. Martin of Scottsburg regarding installation of a heat pump. Would he hire us again? Yes.

From R. and B. Stevens of Winston regarding a new furnace in their rental unit. They gave us and “Overall A” and went on to say “They did a wonderful job from bid to finish of the job. Kept everyone informed.” Would they hire us again? Yes.

From S. Jonas of Eugene regarding installation of a ductless system. They have us an “Overall A” and went on to say “This was the second home that we had Pacific Air Comfort install a ductless heat system in. Both times the installation and quality of the system were excellent. Everything was done on time, with the three heads placed in each home exactly where we wanted them. I can highly recommend Pacific Air Comfort and would use them again. Everything went well from getting the estimate to the day of the installation. They arranged for the electrician to arrive on the day of the installation and everything was coordinated to perfection.”

From M. Zeebuyth of Coos Bay regarding installation of a new system she said “Technicians worked efficiently, cleaned up after, explained everything they did, coordinated with [the] electrician.” Would she hire us again? Yes.

From P. Williford of Roseburg regarding replacing his HVAC system, he simply said “Outstanding”. Would he hire us again? Yes.

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