We received several Customer Responses back in the mail today. M. May of Coos Bay gave us seven “Excellents” and then said in the comments section “Will- very knowledgeable and pleasant, Hank and Casey – great installers, Dan – service tech – very good. All very punctual.” Thank you Mr. May for the high praise! We are fortunate to have some of the best employees around and are happy you are so happy with all of us.

From P. & J. Williford of Roseburg, we received seven “Excellents” on their Customer Response sheet. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Williford!

From D. Colbaugh of Myrtle Creek seven “Excellents”. Mr. Colbaugh then went on to say “Good job folks”(with a smiley face) . Thank you Mr. Colbaugh!!

From B. & M. Griffin of Roseburg, seven “Excellents” with the comment “Completely satisfied!”. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Griffin!

And again, seven “Excellents”!! This time from D. & N. Lawrence of Roseburg. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence!

Seven more “Excellents”! This time from Mr. R. Minor of Florence. Thank you Mr. Minor!! We are happy that you are so happy with us.

From K. Spaulding of Roseburg we received seven “Excellents”. Ms. Spaulding then went on to say “I was very happy with service and product. Great instruction on using new thermostat.” Thank you Ms. Spaulding!! We realize that today’s thermostats can be a intimidating at first but with a little instruction we can make you an expert in no time. If you ever do have any questions though, feel free to call us and we will walk you through the process to get the programming correct so you are comfortable in your home yet your system is running efficiently.

Another evaluation arrived in the mail today and once again, seven “Excellents”! This evaluation came from Mr. H. Mast of Reedsport. He added “Willy is a great person and communicator. I will use you guys in future.”  Thank you Mr. Mast!!

From G. Alexander of Dillard, seven “Excellents” and she then went on to say “Highly recommend Pacific Air Comfort.” Thank you Ms. Alexander!!

Another seven “Excellents” these from R. Dillin of Springfield. Thank you Mr. Dillin!

We received an evaluation back from G. & V. Webb of North Bend that gave us a good laugh today. They rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories then went on to say “Everyone was great, like having family around, but one you like.” Well, we are glad you like us and we like you!! Thank you for making us smile.

Mr. L. Kelley of Coquille sent in his evaluation and gave us all “Excellents”. Thank you Mr. Kelley!

Seven more “Excellents” this time from B. Smirl of Roseburg. Ms. Smirl then added “The day my heat pump quit, there was someone there to look at it and I actually got to talk to real people on any phone calls, that’s a big plus.” We know how aggravating automated answering systems are and do not use one. It takes live people to provide the best service possible, not computers. Thank you Ms. Smirl!

We received another evaluation in the mail, this one from Mr. and Mrs. R. Stevens of Myrtle Creek. They rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and went on to say “Excellent communication with us. Thank you.” Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Stevens for  taking the time to fill out the evaluation and thank you for the kind words. We appreciate that today, communication is often lacking. We strive to always be up front and provide as much information as we can so you know exactly what is happening and when. Nobody likes to be confused.

With the advent of computers and emailing, letter writing and thank you notes are becoming a lost art but today we received a very nice hand written thank you from S. Lady of Eugene. In her note she said “Sincere thank you to everyone who did such a great job on restoring our heating system after our “raccoon invasion”. Everyone was friendly, easy to have around and helpful as well as very professional. We are warm and comfortable and feel secure in knowing all is well. All is much appreciated.” Thank you Ms. Lady for taking the time to write us. We truly appreciate it and are very happy that you are once again comfortable in your home and the “raccoon invasion” is a thing of the past.

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