Ductless heat pumps can also be placed up on an exterior wall to get them up and away from the foundation.

Ductless heat pumps can also be placed up on an exterior wall to get them up and away from the foundation.

NW Ductless Heat Pump Project is a private, non-profit group that works in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Montana “to accelerate the adoption of inverter-driven ductless heating and cooling systems in existing electrically heated, single-family homes to displace electric heat. ”  Another-words, NW Ductless is working to educate the public and promote the use of ductless heat pumps in homes throughout the northwest as they are extremely efficient.

So what is a ductless heat pump and how does it work? Well, there is an outdoor unit and indoor unit and a remote control. The outdoor unit connects to the indoor unit by a small bundle of cables, including a refrigerant line. The unit typically sits on the ground outside your home. The cables run from the outdoor unit through a 3″ in the wall of your home to the indoor unit. There is no ducting at all.

The indoor unit is mounted on a wall centrally located in your home. Working with your existing system, just one ductless system is usually enough to heat and cool the average home. Keeping your existing system in addition to the ductless ensures bedrooms and bathrooms are comfortable and allows flexibility in temperature adjustments. This does not mean that a home cannot be heated and cooled solely with a ductless system. We have clients who use only ductless and are extremely happy and comfortable in their homes.

The remote control is used to adjust the settings of the ductless system for maximum comfort and efficiency.

So, why the title “NW Ductless Installer Spotlight”? Well, Pacific Air Comfort is proud to say that we were recently chosen by NW Ductless to be the featured installers for ductless systems for the state of Oregon. To see our “spotlight” please go to http://goingductless.com/oregon-installer-spotlight . We are honored to have been chosen for this. We take pride in knowing our industry and make sure our employees and staff are well trained. This training has led us to be awarded “Master Installer” status for ductless systems by NW Ductless. We have also been rated 3D Platinum Dealer status by Daikin, the worlds largest ductless manufacturer. Not many companies have achieved this.

If you are interested in ductless systems and would like to learn more about them, please call us at one of our three offices and ask to speak to a member of our sales staff.


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