imagesCAR928AIWe recently heard back from a Client that had a Greenspeed 2 zone dual fuel system installed, replacing a gas furnace with AC. His primary heat source is now a heat pump with a modulating gas furnace as back up. He said that his combined gas and power bills from this past summer through to December were approximately 50% less than from the same time the previous year. He went on to say that he is extremely satisfied with his new system. His downstairs and upstairs are both now finally comfortable. Before, his upstairs was too hot and the downstairs too cold.

The sales staff that sold the system reports that the match-up of furnace and heat pump gets a SEER rating of 19.2, an HSPF rating of 12.5 and an EER rating of 13.2. These are extremely high numbers when compared to a typical heat pump system.

If you are interested in Greenspeed and would like to learn more, please call us at one of our three offices and ask to speak to a member of our sales staff.


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