Information continues to come in for 2013 available tax credits. The Oregon Department of Energy is offering tax credits on the following:

-Electric heat pump water heater
-Gas water heater
-Gas furnace
-Air-source heat pump
-Duct sealing
-Whole house ventilation system (HRV/ERV)
-Waste water heat recovery
-Ductless heat pump (mini-split)
-Ground loop source heat pump system and upgrade of ground source heat pump
-Wood and pellet stoves
-Solar electric
-Solar space heating
-Solar water heating
-Solar pool heating
-Wind system
-Alternative fuel device
-Fuel cell

Unfortunately the tax credits are not simple and straight forward. There are specific requirements that must be met. Pacific Air Comfort does not deal in waste water heat recovery, wood and pellet stoves, solar, wind etc. but we certainly can help you out and answer any questions about tax credits for HVAC, whole house ventilation and duct sealing. If you are considering a new heating and cooling system and/or want to improve your indoor air quality with an HRV or you want to get your ducts sealed to help make your system more efficient, please call us at any of our three offices and ask to speak to a member of our sales staff. They can answer any questions and help find the best way to solve your HVAC problems making you more comfortable and helping decrease your power bill.

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