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Starting January 1, 2013, Small Multifamily, which addresses properties with two to four attached rental units, will be merged with the Existing Multifamily initiative within the Existing Buildings program.

Excessive humidity is a common problem in multifamily housing and can lead to a variety of issues. There are now energy-efficient bathroom exhaust fans which can reduce some of these issues. If you replace an existing fan that has an integrated  light with a new bath fan without a light, you may qualify for a $25 incentive. The fan must also meet Energy Star requirements and have an efficiency of 5.3 cubic feet per minute per watt, CFM/W, or higher.

The Energy Trust also has incentives for exterior lighting for multifamily. There are a wide variety for high-efficiency fixtures, including linear and compact fluorescents, metal halides and LEDs.

For multifamily buildings with central HVAC systems, the Energy Trust recommends installation of a variable frequency drive. This control works best in systems that have a high run time, significant load variations, oversized equipment and a fan that constantly runs. Installing a VFD could significantly reduce a building’s electrical load, and may qualify for a custom incentive from Energy Trust.

Changes to Gas Water Heating incentives: Incentives for residential, gas-fired, tankless water heaters are no longer available for multifamily properties. Additionally, storage gas water heaters must have a minimum efficiency factor (EF) of 0.67 to qualify for the $100-per-tank incentive. Energy Trust offers incentives for central gas water heating systems at $2.50/kBtuh for storage tank models (minimum 91% AFUE), and at $2.00/kBtuh for tankless models (minimum EF of 0.738 and electronic ignition).

Demand control systems: A new incentive is available for high-rise, multifamily buildings (with 3 or more levels). Energy Trust now offers a $420 incentive for demand control systems for domestic hot water recirculation.

Changes to insulation incentives: Incentives for duct insulation on multifamily properties have been discontinued.

When a property that is electrically heated has existing windows, the Energy Trust treats these as single-pane windows for incentive calculations. For electrically heated properties, the incentive rate would be $3.00 per square foot, rather than the typical $2.00 per square foot for double-pane windows. The incentive rate is $2.25 per square foot for gas heated properties, regardless of storm windows.

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