Greenspeed is actually “Greenspeed Intelligence”. It is a technology developed by Carrier that is part of their Infinity line of heating and cooling equipment which consists of furnaces, heat pumps and controls. 

Greenspeed Intelligence is only made possible when you pair the best of the Carrier Infinity equipment with the Infinity Control. This combination allows the system to become what Carrier calls “adaptable-speed” as it adapts. 

The typical heat pump is 100% off or 100% on. There is no in between. What adaptable-speed means is the Infinity furnace or heat pump with Greenspeed Intelligence can run anywhere from 40% to 100% on. What this means is the system is smart enough to pick the operating capacity at which it is most efficient. That in turn means you get your precise, desired temperature and you can save money doing it. 

An example of how better to explain this is your garden hose. You can adjust the pressure to what best works for the situation, high pressure to spray down your sidewalk or on just enough to get a drink. Obviously if your hose could only be off or all the way on, it would not work well for many applications and there would be a potentially huge waste of water. In the case of Greenspeed Intelligence, the sensors adjust just how hard the heat pump runs so as to keep you comfortable yet use less power and save you money. 

A Greenspeed Intelligence System can:
-Run low, slow and amazingly quiet. When running it is quieter than the average conversation.
-Adjust with precision to the heating and cooling demands of the home.
-Operate at longer, but lower and steadier capacities – for example, a majority of the time the system can operate at only 40% capacity.
-Create incredible efficiencies – in fact, the Infinity 20 heat pump with Greenspeed Intelligence is up to 69% more efficient than other ducted air source heat pumps available today in the 3-ton size.
-Makes air purifiers, humidifiers and other system enhancements even more effective. 

This is a very brief discussion of what Greenspeed Intelligence is. If you are interesting in learning more about Greenspeed, please call us at any of our three offices and schedule a meeting with one of our sales staff.

Recent Greenspeed installation in the Eugene area.


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