Over the years we have had the pleasure of installing and servicing HVAC systems in a lot of homes around Oregon. Some homes are small, some huge, others historic, others new. Once in a while we come across some really unique homes. Recently we installed a Carrier Greenspeed system in just such a home. This home was once a water storage tank for a town. The tank is built entirely of wood. Eventually the tank was no longer needed, was purchased and made into this beautiful home. It is a prime example of adaptive reuse.

The owner’s were kind enough to let us take pictures that we could share with you. Like those of us here at Pac Air, there are a lot of people out there that enjoy woodworking, historic structures and adaptive reuse and love to see projects like this. The remodel was beautifully done and the home is warm and inviting. We hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did.

As for the Greenspeed system, it is a new and exciting, super efficient technology from Carrier. We will discuss Greenspeed systems more in an upcoming article.

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