We just picked up the mail and found two more Customer Satisfaction Reports. Both rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories! The first was from Mr. F. Wahl of Reedsport. Thank you Mr. Wahl! We are happy you are pleased with both your new system and us!

The second report came from Mr. and Mrs. K. Harlan of Coos Bay. Not only did they give us all “Excellents” but they added comments such as “Mama loved it” regarding the use of drop cloths and keeping the work area clean and said “Hank and Casey are winners – Willie too!!. Be sure they get bonuses for Christmas including Carol“. Hank and Casey are two of our installers. Willie is Sales and Carol runs the Coquille office. Thank you team for doing a great job and thank you Mr. and Mrs. Harlan for the kind words. We love hearing praise for our employees and love it even more when the Clients are so happy!

Today’s mail brought us another Customer Satisfaction Report rating us “Excellent” in all seven categories! G. and L. Dean of North Bend then went on to say “All the people that worked on our project were very professional, efficient and caring. Your people are A-1 professional. They were fun to have here.” Thanks you Mr. and Mrs. Dean for the high praise! It is not often people use the word “fun” when it comes to any construction related project. We are glad it was an enjoyable experience for you and hope you enjoy your new system for many years to come!

We received a wonderful Customer Satisfaction report today from the Brunskills of Riddle. They rated us “Excellent” in six of the seven categories and “Excellent+” in the seventh category which asked “Did we meet your expectations?” They went on to say in the comments portion “Everyone was very informative, polite and gracious = GREAT Customer Service. Thank you! And I know that if I have any questions at all, answers are a phone call away. Kudos to: Paul & James w/ honorable mention to Hank, Lucky, Rick and Kim, and Bridgette and Misty too:).” Mr. and Mrs. Brunskill we truly appreciate your kind words and are so pleased that you are happy and that this was a good experience for you. Any questions, like you said, we are just a phone call away 24/7!

From Mr. Yates of Eugene, “Excellent” in all seven categories and he added the note “Great staff“. Thank you Mr. Yates for the praise. We believe our staff is pretty great as well!!

The Lott’s of Roseburg are apparently very happy with Pac Air and their new system. We received their Customer Satisfaction Report today and once again, ALL Excellents for us!! Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Lott!

Mr. C. Pole of Roseburg rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and simply stated that he is “Very satisfied” with Pacific Air Comfort. Thank you Mr. Pole and if you have any questions, never hesitate to call us.

Mr. K. Mercer of Sutherlin rated us “Excellent” in all seven categories and went on to say “The crew was very good at what they did, you should be very proud of them.” We are proud of our crews Mr. Mercer. They are a great group of people and we know we couldn’t do it without them and appreciate that you recognize their quality.

Seven “Excellents” once again, these from Mr. R. Kaylor of North Bend. Thank you Mr. Kaylor!

And, from Mr. H. Mast of Reedsport, seven “Excellents” with the additional comment “great” when asked “Explained how everything works”. Mr. Mast then went on to say “Willie always called me back with explanations and progress on project. I will use your firm on future projects of mine.” Thank you for the praise Mr. Mast. We know how important communication is and strive to ensure that we communicate with our Clients so they know exactly what is going on.

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