The Duct Truck at work.

In addition to cleaning duct work, our duct truck is also used for cleaning dryer vents both residential and commercial. Dryer vents, much like  duct work, accumulate a good deal of debris and can become so packed with debris that air cannot pass through possibly harming your dryer and certainly not allowing your clothes to dry properly.

Ken’s Dry cleaning in Roseburg recently had problems with their commercial dryers. Their ducting had plugged with debris. Using the duct truck we were able to remove all that debris from the dryer ducts and clean out the backs of the dryers where additional debris had accumulated. This was all done in a very short time.

If you have concerns about the cleanliness of your dryer ducting or the duct work for your heating system, please call us at one of our three offices. We would  be happy to set up an appointment to take a look and see if it is time to clean either the dryer ducting or your HVAC ducting.

Rick holding the suction end up to the ducting. Lucky is on the roof blowing the debris to the suction.

Lucky cleaning the rear panels from the dryers.




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