Claws, our loyal Springfield office mascot, is doing very well and has some new pictures we thought we would post as well as some fun information. 

One of our delivery truck drivers is a cat person and let us know that Claws is in fact a Lynx- Siamese and has the typical build and attitude of the breed. He is very familiar with the breed as he has one as well.

The office staff have done a great job decorating the office for Halloween and Claws is being a perfect gentleman and leaving the decorations alone.

We did have a nice surprise last week when a gentleman called the office from Seattle. He had somehow come across our website and the pictures of Claws. He too is owned by a Lynx-Siamese and wanted to call to tell us how much he enjoyed looking at the pictures. 

Claws has a number of admirers now. If this keeps up we may have to start a fan club for him.

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