Plaque at the entrance to the cemetery.

The Guardians of Heroes is a local non-profit, led by Roseburg Chief of Police Jim Burge, that has taken on the challenge of converting the existing VA Cemetery parking lot from a pot-hole ridden mostly dirt area to a beautiful paved and landscaped parking lot with 89 spaces, accessible by all. For years now the existing parking lot, and it is a stretch calling it a parking lot, has been an issue with local veteran’s groups. During the summer months it is dusty, has many holes and the ground is very uneven. It is very difficult to impossible for those in wheelchairs or using walkers to navigate. In the winter it is that much worse with the rains, standing water and mud. 

While attending a funeral one winter at the cemetery, Jim’s wife commented how bad the parking area was and challenged him to do something about it and he is. With the help of other locals, Jim formed the Guardians of Heroes. A plan of the new parking lot has been drafted and now they are in the process of raising monies and donated services to make the parking lot a reality. 

Pacific Air Comfort recently heard that the Guardians were looking for someone to remove two large maples and four laurels as a first step toward the new parking lot. We don’t do tree removal but know some who does. Dave Bass of Bass Excavation is an excavator that we have worked with for several years. He is the best around and just a great guy. We went to him, told him what was going on and asked if he could help. He said yes, he would love to help out. So, last week, he showed up with his truck and large excavator and his father-in-law who is a retire faller and in a few short hours they had the trees down, root balls pulled out, the wood cut up, sorted and stacked. They did a great job! And the wood is not going to waste. It is going to UCAN to help low-income families heat their homes through the winter. 

Unfortunately, it was recently found out that the Guardians would not be getting a grant that they had applied for with state parks so they are very much in need of local donations and the public is responding. Very few of us have no ties to Veterans and Douglas County is pro-Veteran. Like those of us here at Pac Air , most want to help in some way and know that every little bit helps. 

The Guardians did get the news that Douglas County is going to donate half the rock for the project and BTS Surveying and Engineering is donating surveying services in the spring. 

If you would like to learn more about the Guardians of Heroes check out their website . If you would like to make a donation, it can be mailed to Guardians of Heroes, PO Box 2127, Roseburg, 97470. 

And thank you Dave Bass!! We truly appreciate all your help!!

Dave’s truck.

Loosening the roots so they come out when the tree goes down.

One down, five to go!

Mr. Wood cutting up the trees for Dave to sort and stack.

Dave Bass

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