At Pacific Air Comfort, customer service is our top priority. We expect our employees to be polite, helpful and communicative throughout the process of either servicing a Client’s existing HVAC equipment or the installation of a whole new system. We provide 24/7 service. We have a website that provides information on a broad range of HVAC topics, links to manufacturers and third parties etc. When we have installed new equipment for a Client, the sales staff involved, meets with the Client upon completion of the installation to walk the Client through their new system, make sure they understand it, do a quality check and answer any questions. After that, we send the Client a Customer Satisfaction Report along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope, asking them to rate us on a variety of topics and to make any comments they feel would be good for us to know. In the case of Service Calls, rather than a Customer Satisfaction Report, we make follow-up calls.

Our follow-up calls to Clients are made by staff from our Service Department. The staff person asks the following:

-Did we respond in a timely fashion?
-Do you maintain your system annually?
-Do you change your filter regularly?
-Were we courteous?
-Have you been offered a PSA (Planned Service Agreement)
-Would you recommend us to others?
-What if anything could we do to improve our service?
-Finally we ask the Client to rate us overall as either Poor, Fair, Good or Excellent

We make a lot of follow-up phone calls and are proud to say the majority rate us as excellent. Anything less than excellent we review and see where we could improve. Unfortunately there are some things that are just beyond our control but if there is any way that we can improve, we do it. We have always, and will always, strive to improve ourselves.

You may ask why we ask about annual maintenance, filter changes and PSA’s? Part of being service oriented is to be looking for opportunities to educate people. Many people are not aware of just how high-tech today’s HVAC systems are and do not appreciate how important to proper and efficient running of a system, maintenance is. We can save Clients a great deal of money and extend the longevity of their equipment by reminding them of the importance of maintenance and filter changes. In addition, your HVAC equipment can directly affect your health and comfort. Comfort through temperature fluctuations, health through air quality etc.

If you have any questions about your HVAC equipment, would like to get it serviced or would like to learn more about Planned Service Agreements (PSA), please contact us at one of our three offices.



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