Filthy outdoor condensing unit. You cannot see this until the housing is removed.

 You wouldn’t let your car go without maintenance or at the very least change the oil regularly yet many people let their HVAC systems go without any maintenance for years. This is not a wise decision as HVAC systems are not inexpensive, affect your health and comfort and if not running properly can drive up your utility costs. In addition, poor maintenance or lack of maintenance can shorten the equipment’s lifespan and increase parts failures.

The pictures included in this article show just a few examples of what our Service Techs have found when called out to Client’s homes because the Client knew something wasn’t right with their system. Unfortunately we see this type of thing far to often. In all cases the systems were not regularly maintained.

 If you have not had your system serviced in some time, please call us and make an appointment to have one of our techs come out and take care of your system, making sure it is running the best it possibly can. They will also check your filter to make sure it is still cleaning your indoor air efficiently or change it out if it is time to do so. 

For peace of mind we also offer Planned Service Agreements (PSA’s). For more information on PSA’s please got to the “Residential” tab on our website, scroll down to “Service/Repair” then to “Planned Service Agreement” or call our Service Department at any of our three locations. Regardless of whether or not you have a PSA, we still offer 24/7 Service at all out locations. So, never hesitate to call regardless of the day or time.  

A very dirty filter, so dirty it was restricting air flow.

A Clients system wasn’t working properly because it couldn’t work properly due to the filth on the coil.

The coil after being cleaned.


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