We had a call from G. and C. Taylor to our Springfield shop. They wanted us to know that our Service Tech Mike is “awesome!” and to tell us “thank you very much!” that they are very pleased with Pacific Air Comfort. More kudos for Pac Air!!

This morning we had a call from Mr. Dillard regarding the installation of a ductless  mini-split at his home in Myrtle Point. He just wanted to let us know how happy he was with our staff in the Coquille office. He said Hank and Casey, our Installers, were great! That they were clean, right on time and very informative. He stated Willie, sales, was informative and helpful. And finally, he said Carol, who runs the Coquille office, is the glue that holds the whole unit together. Mr. Dillard said that Carol was eager to please, always in a good humor and easy to work with. She also kept him very well informed at every step. Great job Hank, Casey, Carol and Willie!! And thank you Mr. Dillard for the high praise!!

Another Customer Satisfaction Report came in. From G. and L. Dillard of  Coquille: 6(E)1(G) “Carol was the best for info….Willie the salesman very nice, Hank and Casey very good install etc.” Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Dillard, we appreciate the feedback and are glad that you are happy and great job team!

Another happy Client! C. Pawley of Roseburg rated us “excellent” across the board and said “Thank you (office, sales and installers) for another job done well. Also,thank you to James and helper for removing my old ductwork.” C. Pawley is a return Client. No greater compliment could be paid than asking us back to do more work for you and we truly appreciate that! C. Pawley is one of an increasing number of people that is moving away fom a conventional ducted system to a ductless system. If you would like to learn more about ductless systems, please contact us at one of our three offices.

From W. and M. Day of Roseburg:4(E)3(G) “…Kim Wing was very helpful and patient with me! It was a great job. We look forward (t0) many future years with your company… Thank you W. C. Day” We are happy that you had such a great experience with us and look forward to meeting your HVAC needs in the years ahead!

From W. and S. Banks of Coos Bay:4(E)3(G) “Everyone we worked with at Pacific Air was very professional, knowledgeable and helpful. I would highly recommend them.” Thank you for the high praise Mr. and Mrs. Banks! We hope you enjoy your Greenspeed heat pumps. Greenspeed is some incredible technology!

We just got another Customer Satisfaction Report in, this one from Demara Rental in Roseburg. They rated us “Excellent” in all applicable categories. Thank you Demara Rental!

From M. Leaptrott of Roseburg: 6(E)1(G) “Kim was especially helpful and has a great personality”.

From K. Mercer of Sutherlin via Angie’s List: “The crew was very nice, seem[ed] to know what their job was and they did it very well.”  Mr. Mercer had a new heating and cooling system installed as well as new ducting.  Our crews are well trained and take pride in their work. Everything we do, we strive to do well and appreciate our clients recognizing this. Thank you Mr. Mercer!

We received a Customer Satisfaction Report today with another seven “Excellents” with the following in the additional comments section: “If there were a more competent outfit on earth, Jesus would be the captain.” – Father Bill, All Souls Church, Myrtle Creek. We thank you Father Bill and thank you for all the good work you do!

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