Our duct truck, affectionately known as the Dr. Seuss truck, in action.

Our duct truck is an amazing piece of equipment. It is essentially a giant vacuum on wheels. It is used to remove the debris that collects in the ductwork in homes and businesses. There is an amazing amount of debris removed so we regularly have to clean out the duct truck and actually have to ship the bags out to a specialty company to get them cleaned. This time, while cleaning, we took some before pictures so you can see some of what accumulates in ductwork.

Using specialty tools and air pressure, the debris that is in your ducts is loosened and then sucked up through hoses and taken into our truck. A huge fan creates the suction. The air drawn into the truck is then exhausted out the roof through large bags that filter the small contaminants. Large particles, due to their weight, stay in the chamber inside the truck. When the job is complete and the fan shut down, the bags fall back into the truck shaking loose the dirt they filtered which then falls into the chamber. It is very effective.

Over the years the duct truck operators have found a very wide variety of debris from just plain dirt to clothing to used diapers.  One of our most frequent finds is children’s toys. Kids love stuffing things into the duct work.

If you have never taken a look into your ductwork you may want to do that and see how it looks. If you would prefer we come out to inspect it or you just want to go straight to getting your ducts cleaned, give us a call at one of three offices. One of our trained staff will make an appointment to come out to your home or business, look at your ductwork and give you a price on cleaning it.

Bags being readied to ship out for cleaning.

Close up of dirty interior of one of the bags.

Debris removed from duct work in homes and businesses. Note the newspaper.


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