Surge protectors are a great investment to protect your HVAC equipment.

What is a surge? A surge is a transient electrical fluctuation that happens in a fraction of a second and can cause serious damage to highly vulnerable electric equipment in your HVAC system such as your compressor/condenser, controls, thermostat etc.

What are the causes of surges? Both lightning strikes and local power utility “spikes” can enter your business or home through electrical wiring and attack any components that are connected to them. In Douglas, Lane and Coos counties and the surrounding areas, lightning is not a common occurrence but we often get dips, brown outs, and surges in our power. All of this can harm and shorten the life span of your HVAC equipment. On top of this, the local power companies have been deregulated and that is increasing the problems associated with electrical power quality. The same wiring infrastructures that produce and deliver the power to you HVAC equipment are the same pathways that can destroy these investments. It is also important to know that electrical equipment manufacturers  do not cover lightning strikes or other surges under warranty.

How can you prevent it? First, you need to understand that sometimes nothing you do will prevent equipment damage when lightning makes a direct hit. However, most of the time, you can prevent or at least minimize the damage that occurs by installing quality surge protectors. The proper installation and use of these devices will remove will remove the daily power surges and spikes from the local power utility companies, provide protection from lightning strikes, and increase the life of your equipment as well.

At Pacific Air Comfort, we carry Supco Surge Protectors. They are made in the U.S.A. They carry the best UL rating available for safety and performance. All internal components are of industrial grade, unlike many other brands. And, they feature a diagnostic LED to ensure protection.

Supco’s “Connected Equipment Guarantee”:
“The connected equipment guarantee applies to standard residential electro-mechanical appliance. Strictly electronic components (e.g. microprocessors and circuit boards) are not included in this guarantee SUPCO will replace or pay to repair, up to $500* per occurrence with a lifetime cap of $10,000, any electromechanical or motor-driven appliance that is damaged by a voltage surge passing through the surge protector to the equipment.”

“The SUPCO Surge Protector must show signs of surge damage or be operating outside of design specifications. In order to be eligible for this connected equipment coverage the surge protector must be installed in the immediate vicinity of the equipment being protected. For instance, an A/C compressor unit must be protected no further away than the disconnect. The inside air handler may be protected at the nearest panel box but inside the same building.”


*$500 per occurrence for the SCM60
*$1000 per occurrence for the SCM150

Next to your home and car, your HVAC equipment is the most costly item to replace. You have insurance for the home and car, now you can have it for your HVAC equipment.

If you would like more information on surge protection for your HVAC equipment, please contact us at one of our three offices.




















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