Roseburg office.

After every job is complete, we send out a Customer Satisfaction Report to our Clients. It is important for us to know how we did and if and how we can improve. We provide a self-addressed stamped envelope so it is quick and easy for the Client to fill out the report and mail it back. The reports are then reviewed by several staff including the owner and then passed on to the crews that performed the work. The reports are also placed in a binder in the front office for anyone to see.The following are the questions we ask the Client :

Did we meet your expectations?

Provided quality workmanship?

Kept you adequately informed?

Performed all tasks in a timely fashion?

Provided drop cloths and clean work area?

Provided friendly efficient service?

Explained how everything works?

The responses to the questions are made by the Client checking off either “Poor”, “Fair”, “Good” or “Excellent” in the chart adjacent to the questions. Below this chart then we have a place for “Additional Comments”.

We are happy to say the majority of Clients are kind enough to take the time to fill the report out and send it back and the vast majority of those people are extremely happy with us. All the feedback we get is taken seriously and changes are made when necessary. Nothing is disregarded. Our crews take a lot of pride in their work and truly appreciate seeing the positive feedback. The reports we get back have brought a lot of smiles and we love that.

Occasionally, Clients go above a beyond just the report and show their appreciation by doing anything from making incredible meals for the crews to sending in a three page email singing the praises of everyone involved from the salesman to the install crew. Their kindness is incredible!

Another Customer Satisfaction report just came in the mail. This one from J. and T. Menten of Coos Bay. Once again the response to all the questions listed above was “Excellent”. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Menten. We are pleased that you are happy with us and appreciate your business and your taking the time to fill out the report.

If you would like to work with a company that takes you and your HVAC needs seriously and appreciates your business, please contact us at one of our three offices.


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