Seven questions, seven excellents! That is how Plikat Logging rated us on our Customer Satisfaction Report.In the comments area they said: “Very pleased with product and staff worked with 🙂” – Stefanie, Plikat Logging, Roseburg.Thank you Plikat Logging! We are pleased that you are pleased!!

Another seven excellents! This time from the Spanglers in Roseburg. In the comments portion of the report they said: “We appreciate the quick service we got! And appreciate the follow-up! Our thanks to Kim, Steve and Hank! We are enjoying our AC! Good job!” – C. Spangler, Roseburg. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Spangler! We are happy that you are happy with us and your AC and appreciate your kind words and business!!

And again, seven excellents! This report came from T. Marshall of Coquille. She added at the bottom “Hats off to Willie, Anthony, Lucky and Carol!”  Thank you Ms. Marshall and thank you crew for a great job done!!

We love it! Another seven excellents! From D. Courtney of Roseburg. The Courtneys had an old system that needed modifications in the ductwork and furnace plus a new coil and heat pump. We are very pleased that you are pleased!!

Seven more excellents! These from Mr. and Mrs. W. Fong of Winchester. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Fong, we are very happy that you are happy with your new ductless system!!

Here we go again! Another seven excellents!! This time from R. Lazar in Coquille. Mr. Lazar also said “Willie Ziebell was helpful, professional, patient, on time and courteous. Expert and explained technical in layman terms. I am very impressed by the smooth process start to finish.” Thank you Mr. Lazar! We appreciate the kind words and are very happy that you are so happy!

And again! Seven more excellents!!Mr. and Mrs. Skeels of Port Orford said “We were very pleased with the whole process, from start to finish. Thank you!” And thank you! Mr. and Mrs. Skeels. Anything we can do for you in the future, just let us know.

We love being this kind of redundant! Another seven excellents, these from D. Baird of Winston with the added note of “Excellent Service!”. Thank you Ms. Baird! We appreciate the compliment!!

And once again, seven excellents! From E. McKeon of Langlois “Calling me back, “showing up” @ planned appointments and all professionalism – explaining, listening w/respect to (the) customer is much appreciated. Hank and Casey were professional & respectful of me & my home in installing units.” Thank you for the kind words and enthusiasm Ms. McKeon for us as well as Hank and Casey!! We are very pleased that all went well. Anything we can do for you in the future, please don’t hesitate to ask.

J. Hutchinson of Myrtle Point rated us excellent for the first six evaluation questions we asked on our Customer Satisfaction Report and for the seventh question, Explained how everything works?, wrote in “Wonderful”. We look at  that as 7 excellents+.  Thank you Ms. Hutchinson! and we hope you have a wonderful experience with your new ductless system.

The Stowes of Coquille just had a new ductless system put in. They rated us “excellent” in all seven categories and went on to say “Hank and Casey went above and beyond what we expected – they deserve a big holiday bonus :)” Thank you Stowes and thank you Hank and Casey!

Ms. G. Tudor of Umpqua gave us 7 excellents. We installed a new furnace and heat pump for her. She went on to say “I am enjoying my new furnace & pump. It is a great pleasure to have the same temperature in all the rooms and breathing fresh air 24 hrs!!” We are pleased that you are so happy with your new system Ms. Tudor and very glad to have been able to improve your indoor air quality which has become such an important issue today. If you have any questions or we can do anything else for you. Never hesitate to call.

More compliments! A Client just came by and wanted to tell us how much she appreciates our prompt service and how much she appreciates Brad, one of our Service Technicians. She said would never go to anyone other than Pacific Air Comfort to take care of her HVAC equipment at her home and rentals. We love hearing this from our Clients. Such compliments make us proud and just reinforce the desire to do our best.

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