We are proud to say we just got another “A” from Angie’s List! Below is an excerpt of what was said in the report:

K. Kneeland, Eugene
August 1, 2012

Description Of Work: “Kevin, Matt (Springfield office) and JB Electric installed the large single head Daikin ductless heat pump. They set and met their appointed times or called ahead to let me know if they were running late. The work was completed in less than a day. Once installed the pump worked beautifully but Kevin spotted a glitch with one of the internal louvers not rotating as it should. He immediately scheduled a technician to correct the problem. They showed up early the next morning and corrected the problem. In addition to the neat work and meticulous clean up, Kevin took care of submitting all the necessary paperwork for permits and rebates. I am pleased with the work, their efforts, and the heat pump. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone considering installation on one of these machines. They may not be the #1 rated installer in the area, but like Avis, I think they try harder.”

Member Comments: “In considering installers I asked for three companies to come look at out situation. I asked them all to tell me what they would recommend doing, and what heat pump they would furnish. All three submitted written bids. Kevin then asked if he could come back out and talk to us to talk through his proposal and answer any questions we might have. Two of the three companies were within $50 of each other. it was a difficult choice because both were very good and came highly recommended. We chose to go with Pacific Air Comfort because of the extra effort we felt Kevin demonstrated.”

Great job Kevin and crew!!

Another “A” this one for our Service Department. From M. Reed of Eugene:

Description of work: “Complete heating and AC inspection (I just bought house and don’t know when last time either was serviced).

Member Comments:”Paul arrived on time, very friendly, wore booties while in the house. He inspected both the AC unit and the heater. Took time to explain what kind of heater and AC I had (efficiency ratings) then spent a good 30 minutes cleaning out the AC (he said likely the first time it’s ever been done) and another 20 minutes inspecting the heater. Found two problems with the heater…, he quickly fixed the wire and scheduled time to come back to replace the defective gasket. He came back a week later with gasket replacement, put it in and was done. I liked this company enough that I asked for him to put me down for regular yearly service/ inspection. Good company and good tech…”

Thank you Mr. Reed for the high praise! We strive to be thorough and responsive in detecting any problems a system may have.  Don’t hesitate to call us 24/7 any time you have a problem with your system and with the purchase of a Planned Service Agreement if you call you are a priority and go to the head of the line.

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