For those of you in the Roseburg area, you may have noticed all the work going on at the old Douglas County Co-op building downtown. After many months of extensive remodeling the upstairs portion is finally completed and now opened as the Umpqua Business Incubation Center (UBIC). 

View of the VRF Heat Pump Array

The UBIC serves Douglas County by helping new businesses get up and running. It is a program of targeted resources and services needed by these new businesses in order for them to have a strong start and provide them the tools to grow and succeed. These new businesses in turn help the community by providing jobs and bringing money into the local economy. 

The UBIC building is 24,000 square feet and houses executive suites for the new businesses. In addition they provide tools such as receptionists, business class internet, telephone, faxing and email, numerous economic development, business training, government and public agencies, all to help the new businesses. 

If you are interested in learning more about the UBIC and possibly renting an executive suite, go to

Aaon Heat Recovery Ventilator

What does Pacific Air Comfort have to do with this? Well, we provided the heating and cooling system in the building and it isn’t just your typical heating and cooling system. It is a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system. VRF technology is the future for commercial and residential applications. VRF systems are replacing chiller/ boiler variable air volume systems. VRF systems are super efficient, comparable in price to chiller/ boiler systems and the best part, every space is individually temperature controlled. In the past, you couldn’t choose the temperature you wanted for your office. You typically were either too cold or too hot. With a VRF system you have your own thermostat in your office and if you are warm, can turn down the temperature. Meanwhile the person in the next office over may be cold and want heat and they can turn up the heat in their office. It is amazing technology! And Pacific Air Comfort was the first contractor licensed in the State of Oregon to install Daikin VRF, which they refer to as VRV, systems. 

If you are interested in learning more about VRF systems for your home or business, please contact us at one of our three offices.

Branch Selector

Refrigerant Distribution Piping

Ceilling Cassette End Product

Wall Controller






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