Caller ID allows those that have it to identify who it is that is calling them prior to actually picking up the phone. Unfortunately caller ID is susceptible to fraud. You may have heard of “caller ID spoofing”. Caller ID spoofing occurs when a caller deliberately falsifies the name and phone number appearing on your caller ID. This is done by the caller to ensure you pick up your phone and to fool people into trusting them thinking the person calling is calling from a trusted business or institution etc.

At Pacific Air Comfort we had never heard of caller ID spoofing until today when we received a call from the Sheriff’s Department. A spoofer had called a person in the Roseburg area last night using our office phone number. We don’t know all the details but apparently the spoofer was trying to get a payment from the lady that they claimed she owed them. Thankfully, she was immediately suspicious, hung up and called the Sheriff. They explained to her what happened then contacted us today.

The bottom line is always be wary. Never give out personal information of any type over the phone or internet. If you would like to learn more about caller ID spoofing, go to . If you feel you have experienced fraud of this type or any other, you can go to to file a complaint etc.

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