Ductwork sealed with mastic. This is from the recent installation of a new system in an older home.

According to the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), as much as 50% of your homes’ energy goes to heating and cooling. This can be greatly reduced with the use of a ductless system but, for those of us that have a ducted system, there are opportunities to increase efficiency through the equipment and the ductwork. This is the goal of the PTCS program. The PTCS program is supported by the BPA. Through training of contractors, the PTCS program strives to ensure that the most energy-efficient heat pumps systems are installed and that ductwork is sealed properly to prevent air leakage. 

Duct sealing ensures there is minimal air leakage from your ducts into attics, basements, crawl spaces etc. This means the heated and cooled air you pay for is reaching the desired rooms, not non-livable spaces. It also means that the air in those same non-livable spaces is not entering your ducts and thus your home, making for better indoor air quality. Duct sealing is equally important in both new and older homes. Duct sealing does not mean duct tape but rather the application of mastic made specifically for duct sealing at all joints. 

Heat Pumps are available in a wide variety of efficiencies. PTCS trains contractors ensuring your new heat pump has been installed and configured to ensure delivery of conditioned air to its greatest efficiency. Contractors in the PTCS program must: 

            -Perform specific calculations to endure you install the right sized heat pump for your home.

            -Program the system to avoid using less efficient resistance heat, when appropriate.

            -Adjust the air flow through the heat pump to make sure efficiency, comfort and reliability are achieved.

            -Ensure the correct amount of refrigerant has been charged into the system.

            -Seal the ducts if more than 50% of the ductwork is in unconditioned spaces. 

Only PTCS-certified contractors can provide PTCS-qualified duct sealing or heat pump installations. 

Pacific Air Comfort is PTCS certified. We have sent several of our Service Techs and Installers to the required training. 

For more information about PTCS please go to www.bpa.gov or email info@ptcsnw.com or call 800-941-3867.

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