We are proud to say that we get quite a few very nice compliments from our clients. Today we received one from a client in the Eugene-Springfield area via email that is definitely a big step up from just a nice compliment and brought a big smile to our faces. We truly appreciate that our client took the time to write and send this to us and kudos Kevin!

Here are excerpts from the original three page email:

“I wanted to share with you my experience with Pacific Air Comfort (PAC) and the installation of a ductless heat pump system in our home. After seeking numerous bids (with 8 companies total…) we chose PAC. We chose your company because of the way Kevin Usher presented information to us and honestly, because Kevin was forthcoming in his thoughts, discussion of our specific house needs…and his knowledge of equipment options.”

“Kevin was thorough, straight forward, thoughtful, respectful and most importantly, HONEST with us. He presented things in a way that were easy to understand and explained options and challenges up front for our consideration – no hidden things, even down to discussions about conduit, electrical access, water conveyance, etc….Kevin also talked with me about the benefits of various equipment manufacturers…and offered his perspective for consideration when asked. However, Kevin didn’t push any particular option or brand of equipment….”

“…we chose Pacific Air Comfort and we have been very happy with that choice….His (Kevin’s) crew was on site early each morning, his quote was accurate, the electrician was there when expected, his crew was well coordinated, knew what they were doing and worked collaboratively in spite of some frustrations they met as the install progressed.”

“Upon completion of the equipment installation and a brief overview, Kevin came back to the house to go over any questions with us about the system, reviewed using the remotes, filters, cleaning and annual maintenance.”

“We agreed to pay for a 3 year maintenance contract during that visit. However, when the paperwork for the annual service agreement arrived via US mail, the figure we were quoted didn’t match what was in the contract.”

“I asked to speak to Kevin…I had to leave a message. In that message I explained what had happened and asked Kevin to call me back so we could talk…Kevin called me back and said the company would honor the original service quote for the first 3 years of service…I was impressed with Kevin’s honesty, integrity and commitment to exceptional customer service – he kept his word…He chose the high road and bumped PAC up into the exceptional service category in company standards….I can’t even explain to you how much his actions impress me…I will forever say fabulous things about the company and his ethics….the choice to do the right thing.”

“I will tell every single person how incredibly impressed I am with PAC. I will urge them to consider PAC if they plan to do an upgrade or the install of a new system. In fact, I asked to be put on the referral list so I could let other prospective customers know how impressed I am with your company….” – M. Mortensen “an impressed Pacific Air Comfort client”




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