The newest furry kid in the Pac Air family.

Quite a number of us working at Pacific Air Comfort are animal lovers and have a fair number of furry kids as part of our families. We also like to help out the local animal shelters and animal rescues in a variety of ways and strongly encourage others to do so as well. In Roseburg, Saving Grace Animal Shelter is always in need of various supplies and the Saving Grace thrift shop appreciates any donations of items you no longer need. Proceeds go to the Saving Grace Animal Shelter. Donations are tax deductible.

We would like to say welcome to Gunner, the newest furry kid in the Pac Air family! He is an eight week old miniature Dachshund. He arrived at his new home yesterday and is apparently already chasing his two older brothers (also mini wieners), into everything and not afraid of anything.

Having furry kids makes a house a home but remember, their fur can also clog filters and build-up in duct work. If you have furry kids and want to learn more about having your ducts cleaned or your filter changed, please contact us at one of our three offices.


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