An old Carrier ad for a home air conditioner.

Willis Haviland Carrier is considered the father of air conditioning. In 1902 his first system was up and running in a printing plant in Brooklyn New York. The facility had such fluctuations in temperature and humidity, the size of the paper being printed would change with the fluctuations causing misalignment of the colored inks. With the installation of Carrier’s air conditioning, the environment was stabilized and aligned four color printing became possible. From the printing industry, use of air conditioning rapidly spread through and greatly impacted the meat, medical, textile, tobacco etc. industries. 

In 1906 Carrier got his first patent. In 1915 he formed the Carrier Engineering Corporation. In 1921 he patented the centrifugal refrigeration machine. It was in 1924 that cooling for people rather than industry began when the J.L. Hudson Department Store in Detroit had three Carrier centrifugal chillers installed. People came in droves to the air conditioned store. In 1928 the Carrier Weathermaker for home use was introduced and the rest is history. 

Carrier today has its headquarters in Farmington Connecticut with owned and independent distributors and dealers in more than 170 countries on 6 continents. It has multiples manufacturing facilities around the U.S. and employs 32,000 people. Carrier takes pride in the quality of its work and tests every piece of equipment prior to its leaving the factory. This is not typical as most company’s today test only randomly selected pieces of equipment off the assembly line. 

Carrier is among the first company to set energy reduction goals in the late 1980’s. Recently, Carrier reduced air emissions by 76% and water usage by 52% and lowered greenhouse gas emissions by 33%. Carrier is the first HVAC Company to directly incorporate sustainability into its brand through the use of a stylized green leaf which emphasizes the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship. 

Carrier is a history making, well respected and trusted company. You can find Carrier systems in diverse locations from the Sistine Chapel to Mount Vernon to the Sydney Tower. Pacific Air Comfort is proud to be a Carrier dealer. If you would like to look at putting a energy efficient Carrier system in your home, please contact us at one of our three offices. For more information on Carrier, go to .


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