Garter Snake inside a heat pump.

Look closely, yes that is a snake, not just another wire. We were called by a client stating that their heat pump was not working. Well, there was a good reason why. Our tech opened up the heat pump and there a garter snake had gotten up inside their heat pump and fried the control board as well as itself. Unfortunately the client had not kept the grass and weeds trimmed around their heat pump. Letting the area around your heat pump become overgrown is not only hard on the equipment as the air flow is restricted, but it also encourages various critters to explore your heat pump and possibly use it as shelter. In this case, the snake cost the the homeowner several hundred dollars. So, make sure to keep the area around your heat pump tidy. If you want to screen your heat pump and need some advice on how to safely do that, please contact us at one of our three offices.

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