New Filter

At Pacific Air Comfort, we recommend regularly scheduled  maintenance of your HVAC equipment. Typically, it should be serviced once a year. One of the reasons for this is regular maintenance will help extend the life of your equipment. A perfect example of why this is, is seen in the pictures posted here. The filter shown was just recently pulled out of a residential system. The owners had not had their equipment serviced regularly and, as they say, out of site out of mind forgot to check their filter. We got a call from the client who stated that they were not getting normal air flow out of their ducts. Our Service Technician that went on the call pulled open the system and found that the filter (pictured below) had worked very well but as a result was plugged virtually solid, restricting the air flow. Not only did this make their home uncomfortable but this is also very hard on the mechanics of the system as it tried to push air through and could not.    

A filter recently pulled out of a home that was restricting air flow due to dirt accumulation.

A good quality filter can go for as long as a year before needing to be changed. This depends though on pets, activity level of the household etc. If you want to check the filter yourself, hold the filter up to a bright light. If the light is barely visible or not visible at all, replace the filter immediately. If you can see the light, place the filter back in your system. You do not want to replace your filter too soon as a dirty filter is more effective at removing particles from the air than a new filter. If you want to be worry free when it comes to your HVAC equipment, including your filter, call us at one of our three offices and ask about our Planned Service Agreements (PSAs). With a PSA we will automatically come to your home once a year (or more if you choose so) to service and inspect your equipment including changing your filter.

Close up of the dirty filter.


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